Google Maps / UX Request

Hello! Been loving this app since starting to use it. I have two things that could be reworked - when listening to audiobooks and using Google Maps, directions play over the audio rather than pausing if. If there was an option that could switch between pausing audio and lowering the volume so maps could talk over, that would be great (or have it based off of listening to audiobooks or music!)

Secondly, when returning to an audiobook, I think that Play and Resume should be swapped with Resume in the bolded color. I’m afraid one day I’ll click on Play without thinking and lose my place in the book.

Most of the providers do not properly handle the concept of AudioBooks so they are not differentiated in Symfonium at all.
Everything can be resumed, any album any playlist. So resume can’t be the primary action as not relevant for most cases.

For the pause or duck I’ve thought about the option but did not figured out how to label that then forget :slight_smile:
Duck or focus loss are not really easy to understand for people.
Any idea ?

And for the same reason as before it can’t be an audiobook only option.

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Ahh, that makes sense about the audiobooks not being totally recognized as actual audiobooks on some providers (I’m using the app with emby so I totally understand). I was going to suggest maybe swapping the two buttons for when tracks are over an hour but that won’t work for audiobooks that are split into chapters by track.

Secondly, that would be great! Duck/Pause feels right in my book.

Thanks for the fast reply and insight :+1:

I saw that as a feature in Musicolet, they explained it very detailed in the dialog where you could choose it. It is called audio focus. Here is a screenshot:

When you choose the level, the effects are striked through in the explanation below. That is of course an elaborate design l, but maybe that can serve as an inspiration to some extent.

Way too much text, users don’t read and translators will hate me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll check it for the English words :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I know. That’s why I said “inspiration” :wink:
I can translate if you want.