Filter input field in playlist doesn't work well with IME

Issue description:

In the playlist view, the filter input doesn’t work well when using non-English IME, in my case when trying to type Japanese using Gboard, as soon as the pending text matches nothing in the playlist, the text is forced committed, which makes it impossible to type some of the search word.

Also the playlist list become weird after deleting those filter text.

Note that this only happens on this particular filter field. Tried the search tab and the filter in files view and neither have the same issue.


Upload description: Darkpi2

Additional information:

 Not provided 

Reproduction steps:

  • Open any playlist
  • Click “filter”
  • Switch to Japanese IME and type anything that doesn’t match any song
    The pending text is being forced committed (As in the recording, the underline disappeared)
  • Remove the typed word and playlist is in a weird “double” state.

Screen recording:

Media provider:

Local device



Thanks nice Compose bug :frowning: Will add a workaround for next release.

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Can confirm that this is fixed for me on 7.2.0B2. Thanks for the super quick fix!