Files with apostrophe in the file name cannot be played via UPnP

Issue description:

When playing a file that has an apostrophe in the file name via UPnP, Symfonium reports an error playing the file and skips to one of the next songs.

The files play fine locally (from the offline cache).

Source is Kodi, player is upmpdcli on Raspian.


Sent via email:

Provide their logs too.

Sent via mail as well.

Well that player does not respect the standards :slight_smile: ’ encoding is optional and have no reason to be done.

If it’s maintained it should probably be reported to them.

Yes, it is still maintained. I will try to reach the developer.

So you say the the ’ is simply not URL-encoded when the player calls the file?

No I say that I do not encode the ’ since it does not have to be encoded.

Then for whatever reason it seems it fails to understand probably by assuming that it should be encoded.

Ah ok. I will try to clarify that.

For reference: issue posted with upmpdcli here: Files with apostrophe in the filename cannot be played (#99) · Issues · Jean-Francois Dockes / upmpdcli · GitLab

They recognised the bug and also presented a workaround. So the case can be closed here.