Favourites flag deleted

Issue description:

I use plex as the source, and since the last update symfomium has lost all of the “favourites” status from all artists, tracks and albums. A little frustrating - is there any way to restore this? Automatically add it from all of the currently synced music to the device? Or sync to the plex server for the future (for tracks as well?)

Nothing was changed since ages and your logs are empty so it’s hard to know what you did to trigger the loss. (If you remove the host then data is lost)

If the data is lost then it’s lost nothing to be done now. You can sync favorite status with Plex by enabling the option Favorites as ratings in your plex provider

Thanks for the reply. I’ve not made any configuration changes here, either - including not removing the host. I’ve enabled the option in the provider now though, so hopefully that will help resync if it happens again. Thank you!

After what you said about removing the server - I had an idea for an experiment. When I attempt to sync plex in airplane mode (to simulate lack of connection to the server) - all of the songs disappear from my library in Symfonium (including those that are cached offline).

Since I use the app mostly while driving in the UK - it’s not at all unusual to be out of mobile/cell signal.

I would expect any failed sync due to lack of connection to fail, but not remove all the tracks. They return once I’ve complete another successful sync.

Would this behaviour also be responsible for wiping out the favourites list?

I’ve emailed you separately with the log files as I didn’t want to upload the full set to a public forum.

Many thanks!

Should not have removed the data yes :frowning:

But I did not receive any email was maybe too big?

Ok so was able to reproduce, there’s a very small delay where starting a sync could have lead to data loss.

Will be fixed in next release. (In all cases syncing with Plex via the option is always preferred, at least to work on more devices)

Good news - thank you for the update! You’re right, the logs were rejected as they were too large, but it sounds like you don’t need those. Let me know if that’s not the case and I’ll upload an encrypted zip and email the password, instead.

No need unless you can still repro in the next version.