[Wiki] Plex media provider configuration

Symfonium can connect to your Plex servers and play, cast and offline cache your music from it.

All Plex documentation can be find on Plex support site: Plex support


Plex Pass is not required for any functions of Symfonium
• Symfonium can only connect with non email account by using Web authentication. To connect to Plex servers with accounts using the log in with Google / Facebook features and actual passwords, it requires plex passwords (See below)
• Symfonium support Plex.tv accounts to discover servers and local plex accounts.
• Symfonium support the old method for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) when not connecting via Web authentication (See below)

Add a Plex Password to a Google or Facebook Account

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If you first started using Plex with your Google or Facebook account, you don’t have a Plex password. You can add a regular password to your account at any time. This allows signing in to the Plex account without Google or Facebook, using the account email address and password.

  1. Sign in to the Plex web app.
  2. Visit your Plex account page .
  3. In the Password section, you should see Not set , showing that you do not have a password yet.
  4. On the Accounts tab, click the Edit link the Password section.
  5. Enter your new account password (be sure to choose a strong, unique one!) and then confirm it.
  6. Click the Save Changes button.

You can now sign in to your account using a password in Symfonium.

Login with 2FA

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You can still sign in via 2FA. Specifically, you append a valid verification code to the end of the password when submitting: <password><verification code>

For instance, imagine that your password is “secret” (please, please use a strong, unique password) and that you check your authenticator app and receive the verification code “123456”. You would then submit secret123456 as the password.