Favorites Spotify-like sorting

Feature description:

I’d like to request a very common feature with other music apps:
Whenever you add a song to your favorites - e.g. in Spotify/Deezer or other subsonic clients it will appear on top of your favorites playlist.
This feature would be fantastic to implement, because it is one of the key features of other streaming apps.
It can’t be emulated yet with a smart playlist, because if you sort by “date added” it will sort it by the date added to the provider server.

Problem solved:

It simplifies the creation of your favorites playlist and is a common standard in streaming services.
The server-sided functions should be available already, so it hopefully shouldn’t be a major change in the app.

Brought benefits:

Ease of use with the favorites playlist, it’s a known function of other apps. Easier creation of the favorite playlist

Other application solutions:

Spotify: you press the heart button on a track, it gets added on the first spot in your favs playlist.
Samsung Music (local files), Deezer, Substreamer, Sonixd, Navidrome Web use the feature in the same way.

Additional description and context:

Either integrate it into the favorites screen/widget/part on the start page or do a special filter for smart playlists.

Pictures show the workflow

Screenshots / Mockup:



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It seems to have been implemented in the latest beta version for the Home Favorites list, but I can’t figure out how to activate it :thinking:

Settings → Database → Home favorites sorted by date


Thanks ! Is there a way to sort them in descending order?
I can’t figure out what’s the actual sorting order.
Maybe some of them just don’t have any date, I’ll have to ckeck this out

This is explained in the changelog, if your provider is not subsonic it only applies to new favorites.