Enable auto offline cache?

Another thing that is unclear to me is the “Enable auto offline cache” function now appearing in the menu for artists, genres, playlists…

There is already “Add to offline cache”, which is also “sensitive” to the fact whether included files are already in the offline cache. As I cached the whole library, it says “Remove from offline cache” everywhere.

But I can still “Enable auto offline cache” everywhere, despite the auto offline cache being enabled globally for the media provider in the media provider settings. So enabling and disabling this feature on the artists, genres, playlist … level actually changes nothing for me. But I guess if I would disable the global option, these items would still be watched and automatically synced? If so, a list of items where this setting is enabled would be good, because otherwise it might be hard to find out where it actually was enabled.

You need to think larger and multi providers :slight_smile: A genre can be split over 3 media providers and you only want to sync that, you can also only sync some libraries in the settings but still want to sync a genre that is spread in multiple libraries.
Same for playlists it can contains content from multiple providers and multiple libraries.

Those auto offline covers the adding of new content to the genre or the artist or the playlist while the former default option just do it at instant T.

And yes I’ll add a list to remove them in the settings at some point, just need to polish other more important stuff to officially finally release the app too.

Yes, I hardly can imagine having multiple providers, that is true. Who really wants to maintain multiple Kodi/Plex/Whatever instances? I have enough to do with my one Kodi server :sweat_smile:

But for the multi provider use case, this is really a clever feature. Maybe when I can afford my holiday home in the Caribbean, I will set up my second media provider there :wink: