Dynamic Gradient Background for Compact Now Playing

Feature description:

Would add the option to change the Compact now playing bar’s background to the same gradient used for the Expanded now playing.

Problem solved:

Not being able to match the background type with the Expanded now playing.
Currently there is no option to use a gradient for the Compact now playing.

Brought benefits:

Adds more customization to the layout.

Other application solutions:



Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


This is not really possible the compact player does not know the size of the large one and the gradient is dependent of the size.

In all cases that would look strange, what exatly do you want to achieve.

He probably wants “Gradient theme color” and/or “Gradient dynamic color” as a background option for compact now playing. Currently there is only “Dynamic background”, which is no gradient.

I agree though that it would look strange, because the color would change rapidly on a very short length in the compact NP, and also this would create issues with the button colors. E.g. if the top color is dark and the bottom color is light, it is hard to decide if the buttons should be dark or light to be fully visible.