Download cached files in offline mode

Feature description:

It would be great if it was possible to save cached files to the downloads folder also during offline mode.

Problem solved/Brought benefits :

Right now one can only save files to a folder in online mode. This means that one cannot access the files that are cached on the device during offline mode. Adding the option to save/export cached files in offline mode would give more control over one’s own data. Maybe one wants to share a song with somebody while not connected to the server or wants to change something in the file. Then one could simply save/export the cached file to the downloads folder and have it accessible.

Other application solutions:

Symfonium does it already in online mode, I guess.

Additional description and context:

Just add the “save to downloads folder” button in offline mode for cached files. I hope that is an easy fix. Thank you for the amazing work

Duplicate of Download from cache. So I am not the only one who finds that a neat function, let’s see if we can convince the man :wink:

I already told you this is not an issue to add that to songs, but you wanted more and that is problematic.

So yes I can enable that for songs, but won’t for any higher level containers.

Sorry, I did not see that this was already a thing. I am happy with whatever we can get. But I don’t understand the issue with having the possibility for higher containers.

In offline mode only songs that are cached are displayed. So it is then clear for me that saving the album to the download folder will result in only the currently visible songs being saved. The only edge case imo is playlists as they show non-cached files in offline mode. Am I missing something?

Yes you are missing that being offline does not implies having the only available offline toggle enabled. And that with the app being multi provider you can have an offline provider with only some tracks offline cached and another provider connected with also only some tracks offline cached.

Then the user have no idea what will be copied, what from offline cache and what from the server that could use network.

Ok, I see your point.

If it is not too much work, I would propose always downloading from the providers that are connected (to always get the newest version of the file), saving from cached files for not-connected providers and have not available songs greyed out, so that the user knows which songs are actually saved (and are playable) to the downloads folder.

Imo, it is not so important for the user to know where the files came from. But I can also understand if one thinks otherwise. In that case I am happy with just single songs :slight_smile: