Display song's album in search results

Feature description:

In the search results, show what album a song is from.

Pretty much just like this person’s request, but with the album name instead of bitrate. Linking it because they’ve done a mockup: Search Interface - Show Bitrate (of each result)

You could put it on the same row as the song title and truncate it if it’s too long, or add a second smaller-font row under each result if you don’t mind losing some vertical real estate. I’d be fine with the same row, and I can turn my phone sideways if I need to see more of the album name.

Personally I’m using Jellyfin as the provider but I feel like it’s probably applicable to any. Surely they all provide the album name.

Problem solved:

My library is mostly concert recordings, which means I have a lot of different versions of the same songs. Some of them are much better than others, or have different vibes, so I’d like to be able to search for the song name and know which show each result is from. Currently I get the year, if a result has that in its tags, but this band does dozens of shows a year so it doesn’t narrow it down enough.

Brought benefits:

It’s pretty much just my unique need I think! And anyone else who collects concert tapes. There might be genres/scenes I’m not aware of with the same problem.

Other application solutions:

Google Play Music (rip) used to show the album for each song in a search result. I only ever used it in portrait mode - IIRC it had the song title, then a second smaller row underneath with the album name. It was perfect.

Oh, YouTube Music still does this! Screenshot below.

Additional description and context:

Screenshots / Mockup:

It won’t let me embed more than one image so I’ll include a screenshot of YouTube Music in a reply

Here’s what YouTube Music looks like

Not a lot of place, but as you said you can rotate, will be in next release.


Wow incredible, thank you!