Search Interface - Show Bitrate (of each result)

Feature description:

Search Interface (and likely browser interface), include a setting to show the bitrate (44/42 FLAC) with each result.

Problem solved:

I have a big library and not everything is or is possible in hi res.

If I click on a search results, I can directly in the player what the file resolution is (like 44/42 FLAC) directly under the pause button.

Brought benefits:

Of some songs and albums I have different resolutions, sometimes for a different version of the album. I want to choose the hi res version sometimes: but I don’t know what the resolution is of a search results until I play the file.

Please make it an option to see the very short version of the file resolution in the search results itself.

I have added a screenshot of a mockup. It’s a real bad mockup made on my phone and it’s not complete, but it gives a readable visual example.

I did only do the upper 2 song rows because it’s real hard to do this on mobile.

But this info can also be applied to the other rows and also to the album at top, as well as in the browse menu’s (this is search)

Most providers do not provide the info to sync so this is not possible.

Depending on your provider you can have multiple libraries to split your hi res data and use the app library filter to quickly filter.

What provider?

Plex would it be for the library concerned

So yes Plex support multiple libraries, just separate your hi res content to another folder then have 2 libraries in Plex.

Edit: And just checked Plex does not return all the necessary data even if I would do sync it.