Definition of "compilation"?

I asked a question on Facebook recently about the difference between “Albums” and “All Albums” and the answer was “compilations”. For me, there was no difference between the two views, even though I have lots of compilations.

I realised since that there’s a “compilations” view, and that shows nothing.

So what’s the technical definition that Symfonik is using to identify them? Some kind of tag?


It use the value returned by the providers to say if the album is a compilation or not.

So it depends on your media provider and the data it provider. Logs and details can help, I don’t remember if all providers properly report that.


I can’t see anything in the Emby metadata manager that talks about compilations, and I had a quick look in the Emby forums, where lots of people talk about the best way to handle them, but the official response is to just ensure they have the same album title and make sure you set an album artist. That’s what I do anyway.

I don’t think it’s worth spending any time delving any deeper - for me, at least - I’ve never needed to distinguish before, and was just curious about it. If you want me to get anything for you, I’m happy to have a look further, just let me know, but I’m sure you have plenty to do right now :slight_smile:

Seems Emby does not have the flag so :slight_smile: Plex and Kodi have it for sure hence the different parts of the app. If you see something telling that they add support ping me and I’ll have another look.