Custom playlist order

I thought about this a couple of times but hesitated to ask because I feel this is the kind of thing you tend not to implement. But now with intelligent playlists it becomes more interesting.

So would it be possible to implement a user-defined sorting for playlists - basically setting sort to “custom” and then have the option to drag the playlists into the desired order?

It’e already there. Press the 3 horiz lines and sort them.

Of course only for non read only playlists.

Sorry, not clear enough: I did not mean the sorting inside of the playlist, but the sorting on the playlist page. So the sorting of all the playlists (currently only by title).

Sorry no plans for that.

Plans was to add a few more orders like media count and duration. But updating those for the smart playlist is currently not efficient so it will have to wait a little.

A workaround for me will be putting numbers in front of the list titles, but that might become unhsndy when I want to reorder… but for now I will probably have only a handful of lists anyway.