Connects to UPnP device but no playback

Issue description:

Hi all. New to this forum, but am a heavy forum user on the Roon forum.

I'm yet to gain access to writing a support thread. So thought I'd write here to see if anyone can assist.

Symfonium is a very good solution for my needs. It sounds good also.

I'm a lifetime subs river to Roon, but lately feel Roon isn't in it for the user.

I noticed the sound quality in Roon isn't as good as Audirvana and Symfonium.

I also play CDs but want a one app solution for home and away from home playback. PlexAmp doesn't work to all my devices where Symfonium does.

I have one issue though.

@Tolriq I have a Onkyo CR-N755 system in a spare room. It is networked and I can use other applications to play to it via UPnP. Symfonium sees it as a UPnP device and connects to it. But it does not play. Any ideas before I do a full reset on the CR-N755. Oddly it shows as connected to my Plex Server, which is the server for Symfonium.

Thanks :+1::innocent:

Issue in brief, Playback possible on other device such as WiiM Pro Plus, but not to Onkyo CR-N755. Does control the volume though, just no playback. Logs sent via app.


Upload description: Menzies

Additional information:

 Works with WiiM Pro Plus perfectly. UPnP device symbol differs and looks like a display. 

Reproduction steps:

 Connect to UPnP device, attempt to play. No playback. Device connected via ethernet on a Unifi network. No VLANs. 

Media provider:





15:06:30.827 P:Error T:UPnPRenderer 
Error: error response: {faultcode=s:Client, faultstring=UPnPError, UPnPError/errorCode=716, UPnPError/errorDescription=Resource not found}

The device can’t reach Plex. It’s often a DNS issue or on older devices an HTTPS certificate issue.

You can try to cast from local device in Symfonium or from Plex by skipping and connecting via local lan ip in http to confirm.

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Thanks for coming back to me so quickly.

Local content on my phone doesn’t play either.

I set up an Emby Server, same thing there.

Mconnect which use to work has also stopped.

Going to look in to this further at my end.

Via the WiiM Pro Plus it works flawlessly which is pointing me towards the CR-N755 either having a fault, or a full reset.

Using BubbleUPnP puling Music from Dropbox works with my CR-N755.

Struggling to work out why Symfonium isn’t.

Not a big deal. Works with WiiM Pro Plus and I have 2 of them so will deploy the other to the other room.

Provide logs when casting from local device and Dropbox also supported by Symfonium to see if different error.

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Logs sent - Emby share

No playback

Dropbox still scanning files. I have over 800 albums on there.

I’ll share local playback logs next

Logs sent - local share

Still no play back.

Try to stop cast, disable upnp gapless just in case and the alternate upnp option too.

Try to cast a flac file too as maybe the mp4 profile is too restrictive and I send the wrong data.

And if none works then you can provide the bubble upnp logs so I can see what they sent differently.

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Sent - flac gapless off

Sent - flac gapless off, alternate off

Well then I’ll need the bubble logs, must require some specific hack :frowning:

Is the device firmware up to date?

In that last I played to my phone and then the WiiM after the CR-N755

Upto date, yes, but is a micro system from 2012, so I’m thinking this is possibly a cause.

I’ll see what I can do with the Bubble logs.

Best way to get them to you?

I can not seem to find a method to pul the logs from Bubble

It’s extremely buggy current as well. I think it’s the age of this thing. Although in good working order for CD and amplifier duties.

I certainly appreciate your assistance with this.

Like I say, I’ll use Symfonium with the WiiM Pro Plus units I have. Works perfectly.

Thank you

When you enable logs in bubble it tells you where they are to get them.

Having them would still help me fix and improve the app.

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Sorry, struggling to see this within Bubbleupnp android app.

Are you able to see it?

Settings/Control/Logging to file at the bottom.

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Uploaded. Thanks.

I played a flac file, play, pause, play and volume increases.

All working.

Hope this helps

Update from my end.

Symfonium with Dropbox as the source works.

Log sent - Dropbox playback ok