Chromecast Google Tv - Plex Music Playback does not prevent Chromecast from powering down

Chromecast google tv is set to turn off display after one hour of inactivity. The Chromecast is plugged into an amplifier which outputs to the TV. If I cast music from Plex via Symfonium, playback will stop after one hour and the system shuts off.
This does not occur with movies or Plexamp, spotify etc…
I prefer not to change the display timeout to 4 hours as my pictures will continue to cycle in ambient mode .
Is there a way to implement a keep alive feature in a future release ?


Can you please provide logs from Symfonium when that happens so I can see the kind of messages that Chromecast sends, there’s no reason it timeouts.
The only timeout I’m aware is the 10 minutes without keep alive and it’s handled case.

I am not sure now its the Chromecast display off setting. I timed it today and my amp switched off at 25min.
2022-11-18 10:00:26.235 Verbose/WebServerService: Service ended!

Whatever is happening it makes the Chromecast TV switch off the amp, this does not happen with Plex, Plexamp, spotify, Amazon music.

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2022-11-18 09:56:51.104 Verbose/ChromecastRenderer: onActiveInputStateChanged: 0
2022-11-18 09:56:51.105 Verbose/ChromecastRenderer: onStandbyStateChanged: 1

So your chromecast says that “Google Cast device is not the currently active video input.” then it goes to standby.

So this is not a timeout or something like that sounds more like the amp doing something triggering the chain of event.
Now figuring why the amp does not detect Symfonium playing music will be the hard part.

This is is the device you use ? The HD or the 4K?

Can you confirm if Plex / Spotify still have ambient mode running when playing ? And if there’s any other visual difference in that mode?

My device is the Chromecast tv HD and yes plexamp and spotify have ambient mode running during playback. I do not see any visual difference during playback other than media detail in lower left corner.
All the power save , timeout setting are disabled on the amp.

its seems like the chromecast is sending the CEC shutdown somehow, the amp will stay on all day with out video or audio input.

I can test with a chromecast 3rd gen and see what happens

Thanks again

Well that’s the major one, they are running a complete app and not the normal receiver. Allowing to ask for wakelock.

What some others do is enable dev settings on the Chromecast then enable the stay awake.

Compete Android TV app is on the very far todo when the tools I use are more mature for that usage.

What I meant by “detail in lower left corner” was info displayed during ambient mode Song title, artist, song. Far as I can tell Plexamp and spotify are using a normal reciever and not a full app.
I do not have spotify or plex app installed on the Chromecast TV HD.

I have tryed the Chromecast 3rd gen and it does not have this issue. I have also tried the Chromecast TV HD directly in the TV set and it eventually shuts of the TV.

The only real difference i see visually during play on the Chromecast TV HD is the display disappears and is replaced with the Syfonium logo before and after every song is played. Again not with the Chromecast 3rd gen. could this be causing issues with the active video input.

Eg: album with 20 songs with display this logo screen between every song.


Hum the icon should not disappear between songs that’s strange.

I have one HD but in the bedroom on the TV so never really tested music on it, I do on the normal chromecast devices or the shield.

Will try to figure out what’s different on that one.

Thanks, I appreciate the great support

Well I have absolutely no idea what is going on and can’t find anything in the docs.

I hope they do not force me to use the new APIs that are broken and would prevent me to do many things possible now.

Maybe the solution will present itself during development, I will just use a work around for now.

Thanks again

I was not able to reproduce but next version will use the new horrible Google API and should fix this if it works with other apps. Else I have no more ideas.

Issue was resolved with your latest update !