Buttons in the offline cache current downloads list

Issue description:

There is three buttons in the “current downloads” list for the offline cache while files are being downloaded: pause, continue, and delete all. Wouldn’t one shared button for pause and continue make more sense? And: does the pause button actually work? I pressed pause (and continue, because I thought they might only be switched) on my last sync of ~20 tracks, but the download continued uninterrupted. The download was over too quickly to enable logs though, and I am too lazy to reproduce… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I will of course if you do not find any issue right away.

Last version should better handle the pause all / resume all. They do not behave the same as there’s other state like errors, automated pause when no wifi, … And since there’s multiple downloads at the same time what to show when all is paused but 2 running ? :slight_smile:

Pause does definitely not work for me. I will try to replicate and log tomorrow.

I just tried again, none of the buttons properly work for me, including the menu that appears when you click on a file in the download list.

Logs sent under the subject - Logs for issue 210 “Buttons in the offline cache current downloads list”
I cut out the Kodi sync from the log as the logs were big, and I could not use the built-in function to send the logs.

After this, I had to reboot my phone to get the app usable again (see also No library contents shown, says "Loading" unusually long - #7 by splinter). The download manager startet and seemed to download files leftover from above download session. This time hitting “pause” worked after a couple of files, but now I cannot continue the downloads, as neither “continue” nor “pause” nor “cleanup” work…