Battery drain

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Basically the app is consuming 44% of the battery since the last charge. Screen time was 8 mins. And I’ve used it to play probably 30’ of music

How can k fix this?


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How TF did you manage to not fill the log description and not upload log but still post? Wizard should block that.

No logs no chocolate.

There. Logs updated by hidden

Let me know if it’s alright. Thanks!

3 months later that’s a lot of lag :slight_smile:

First you might want to update your navidrome to a recent version they added a ton of things that improve many areas for Symfonium.

The only thing I see in those logs is the auto offline on the last played playlist that triggers too much work that I can optimize, but you probably want to switch to the new rolling cache with playback automatic offline mode to simplify this anyway.

Thanks for the fast answer. I just updated navidrome to 0.51.1.

"rolling cache with playback automatic offline " where can I see that feature?


Nevermind I just found it. Great. I’ll give it a try. Thanks

Still is consuming a lot battery and barely used it.

Attaching logs as “epicdrakkar attachment”

The logs does not show the app doing anything, I see you just updated to 9.1.0 but that would not explain the graph it just take some ressources during the update to migrate the db.

There’s no playback or anything.

Are you casting and connected to a remote player ?

Here. They again with file “epicdrakkar 28-3”

I do not see anything special, one possible cause would be that you are far from the wifi access and the network access require full power and use the battery.

You can workaround that with playback cache and pre caching, this will use wifi a lot less and can help.

Else try to uncheck the prefer internal decoder option in the settings in case the files triggers a bug in ffmpeg using too much cpu.