Back/Up gesture

Feature description:

A gesture to substitute for the upper left / android back button, on library-related screens. For example, opening Album artists > Artist A > Albums, then swiping from left to right, would bring you back to Artist A.

Problem solved:

This is one feature I’m missing from Poweramp, as it allowed me to look blazing fast across the whole library and select what I want to listen to.

Brought benefits:

This would allow for easier and faster navigating across the library. For example being able to have quick looks to what albums each artist has, while being able to quickly return. All that without having to move the finger either to one of the back buttons - which are far away from where most of the action happens.

Other application solutions:

As mentioned, Poweramp has this feature, although it has way too many gestures on top of it too, bloating it up. (For example, getting to now playing screen is swipe from right, which combined with this gesture doesn’t make much sense - no such problem here tho)

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


Well this is Android gesture navigation

Most devices now support it, there’s no reason to built the same feature inside the app.

The link returns a 404, but with a little Googling you get other results that help.

The link it’s just 404 in your very bad language :stuck_out_tongue:

We would call this a “Kampfansage”.

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Hmm, I wanted to avoid android gestures, as I feel like in general they do more harm than good over most apps, and it’s not as good as if the app itself supported it (eg, needs to be pretty strictly from edge for example). Basically, this is the only place where I would want such a gesture :smiley:

But I guess it’s true that it doesn’t really make sense to implement a gesture when system-wide gesture exists…