Artist Album view only option

When going into an artist, have the option to go straight to the Album view, bypassing the Album & song view.

That is something I asked for at the first alpha release already :grinning: I would still like to see that as an optional setting… The same goes for genre - I would like to move from genre list to artist list to album list. But the album overview page would still be needed, which means you cannot “simply” disable all overview pages.

Over time I got pretty much used to click quickly through the overview pages and sometimes even appreciate the artist overview for artists with few albums. Genre overview is still not useful for me.

And we already discussed that :wink:

There’s too many use cases and options and combination of options to handle everything, and for the people who sometimes want to do something different this means providing alternative ways to reach the other screens, and since there’s no long press on items on purpose, it’s not even always possible. (Like if I remove the artist details view with a settings and you are in grid view, how can I see all the artist songs, or play an artist?, even if 95% of the time you want to see the albums, you are blocked for the 5% of the time you want to do something different = not good).

So the deliberate choice was made to have all path always easily accessible. Design is made so that the browsing down from a detail screen does not require scrolling or little with horizontal presentation of the media.

The details screen also have many navigation nodes directly from the about view at the bottom if your media are properly tagged and your provider support them.

And to finish there’s smart filters that allow to quickly filter the album list by artist / album artist.

And I respect that! :grin: And now we have documented that discussion in the public forums :wink:

And as I said, I almost fully got used to it, and of course while on the one side it might come handy if you can customize an app up to the last bit, I find it always hard to get used to apps which have so many options that you get lost in them if you do not know the app very well (Yatse being an example for that, I sometimes still struggle to find a specific setting :smiley: ).

Then how about an option to view all albums in a Grid view, on the artists page, instead of in the swiping list view?

And then what grid type what grid size what sort? This does not really solve anything and would just duplicate a feature for just one screen hidden under and obscure settings.

Sorry but we are talking about just one click.