App Skips to Next Song After Unlocking Device

Issue description:

When a song is playing, and I lock my device using the power button, the app skips to the next song in the queue when I unlock the device.


Upload description: App Skips to Next Song

Additional information:

Not happening with other music players. This is happening only when I lock my phone from the Now playing screen.

Reproduction steps:


  1. Open the Symfonium app and play a song.
  2. From the “Now Playing” screen, press the power button to lock the device.
  3. Unlock the device using either fingerprint or PIN.
  4. The next song in the queue is played

Media provider:

Google Drive



This is probably a duplicate of Skipping to last element in queue after unlocking

Your logs are not complete so I do not have your phone details.

Is is a realme on Android 11?

Yes it’s a realme device with android 11. Let me fetch logs again & reupload.

No need it will just show it’s a device bug but not where.

Next release will more logs to know what your device do.

Alright! Thanks for the response.

Since it’s the same device it’s a duplicate please subscribe on the other one and I’ll close this one to simplify follow up.

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