Skipping to last element in queue after unlocking

Issue description:

The app is in foreground, playing music and the screen gets locked. After unlocking, the currently playing song is interrupted and the last element in the queue starts playing.
If only a single song is in queue, nothing happens, playback continues uninterrupted.


Upload description: musenjmik

Additional information:

Last element in queue starts playing after unlock, even if the playback was paused before locking.
For a single song in queue it does not continue playback if it was paused before locking.

No weird behavior if the app was in background while locking.

Reproduction steps:

Play Album
Lock Screen
Unlock Screen
Last song in queue starts playing suddenly

For single queue:
Play song (queue size = 1)
Lock screen
Unlock screen
Song continues playing without interruption

Media provider:




Next release will have more logs to pinpoint exactly what call the skip command.