API extension guidelines

This forum is the place to discuss the Subsonic API extensions and future to allow the current ecosystem to keep growing despite the disappearance of the original Subsonic server.

The goal is to be able to expand the Subsonic API while keeping backward compatibility with current API.

Since currently not all servers supports 100% of the 1.16.1 version of the API, it will be easier to build a solution that works on top of Subsonic API and does not require version bump.

This will also ease server side adoption by having most of the features optional.

Only 2 features will be required:

Each features will be listed in this forum and will follow a template describing the type of features, it’s API and the current server implementation status. (API extension template)

Features that are wanted but first needs to be discussed can be listed at Waiting for proposal features and discussed there or in the Subsonic chat before making the proposal.