About the OpenSubsonic API extensions category

The goal of this sub forum and work is now achieved with the creation of the OpenSubsonic Organisation.

This forum is kept for a couple of months as history, to help understand the process and some decisions made.

Part of the forum to discuss Subsonic API extensions with Subsonic API users (Servers and clients)

Please be sure to read the guidelines and use the templates.

This part of the forum is visible to everyone but only validated users have write permissions.
If you write a Subsonic server or client and want access please request it in the following thread :slight_smile:

In proposals, what does: Proposal status: Implemented mean? What does it mean to “implement” a proposal when you have no control over all the server implementations?

It means the majority of the servers have already implemented it.
Currently only covers search3 and type for the server name.

Just an helper for the clients to know. But this have to be refined once we decide how the new stuff is build (Extensions or rigid API)