Android Auto voice command does not work

Issue description:

Voice commamd does not work - you said because it wants to play a movie.


Email: 20220403_192742

Just to rectify they do work if you use better sentences and more complete. But there’s still some Yatse remnant that can lead to this issue.

hören queen will work, spiele artist queen works and so on.

but spiele queen is not precise enough

OK, but “Spiele Queen” would be what you actually say im German (as in “Play it again, Sam.” :wink:). Or if you want to make a wish, then you can say “Ich möchte Queen hören” (I wanted to listen to Queen). You would not say “Queen hören” if you instruct someome/something to put on Queen.

The thing is that spiele X can mean artist or genre or song or album. In all cases if you want to be sure to listen to what you want you need to specify it