Android Auto - Generate an Instant Mix or Radio Mix from the currently playing song

Feature description:

Add the ability to create and Instant Mix or Radio mix from the currently playing song via the Android Auto interface. This could be an additional option in the 3-dot menu.

Problem solved:

I usually start the Song Mix when using Android Auto. If a song plays, and I decide I would like to start an Instant Mix or Radio Mix based off that song, I don’t know of a way to do that via the Android Auto interface. I currently have to use my phone, which is less than optimal when driving.

Brought benefits:

Instant/Radio Mixes are a great way to generate a new queue of similar songs based off the current song. Currently I have to use my phone to do this, which is unsafe when driving.

Implementing this in the Android Auto interface in an easily accessible way (no more than 2 or 3 taps) would greatly increase safety and make it easier to change the musical mood, especially on longer drives.

Other application solutions:

Spotify has a radio icon on the bottom left of the currently playing song that will start a new station based on that song.

Additional description and context:

I think I have covered everything.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Unfortunately Google have decided in it’s infinite wisdom that starting with Android 13 we can no more differentiate buttons between phone notification and AA or watches.

For the moment I’m still reluctant to add buttons configuration for that part as support from users will be a burden.