Android Auto: advanced search and (no) audio ducking

I happen to use Symfonium on Android Auto a lot recently (you can guess why :wink:), and two things bother me a little:

  1. Search is limited to one letter which brings you to the list of artists starting with that letter. I remember from a previous request that Google does not allow full-blown searches on Android Auto because they do not want you to get distracted. But currently I have to scroll by around 60 artists starting with “S” until I finally get to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Google even forces a “safety break” on me a couple of times during scrolling. That is definitely distracting :upside_down_face:

Do you think it would be permissible to extend the search feature to more letters, still restricting it to the beginning of the artist name? If I could type “ste” I would definitely have to scroll and interact with the display less.

  1. I use Google Maps for navigation and every time it gives spoken directions, the audio of Symfonium is ducked. I can imagine that this is also a Google requirement, but I still wanted to ask if you think an option to not duck Symfonium audio would be possible (I saw that on Musicolet, although I think they have no Android Auto support).


  1. not possible I do not have control it would require 3 level for each letter … Use voice :slight_smile:

  2. There’s an option to pause instead of duck. I’m not sure I’m allowed to disable that but can try to see if it pass they broken validation.

  1. Will try voice. With Maps I had the impression it only works with Internet connection?

  2. Yes, I know that option, but I simply want the music to play on the same volume during other messages/tones. I would like that in general, not only for Auto, because ducking also happens when I use the app without Auto and e.g. receive an email. But I can of course disable notifications in that case, so it is less of a problem.

The “no audio ducking” feature works very well, by the way! Thanks for enabling that.

Interesting: with a different car, the ducking cannot be disabled anymore. Could this depend somehow on the Andoid Auto version implemented in the car? Will try to gather logs…