All cached files checked again after manual Kodi music library change

Issue description:

I just edited the Kodi music library manually (SQL), because for some artists the sort artist was not properly set. After restarting Kodi, Synfonium synced with Kodi automatically, and the artists are now shown as expected, so the sync worked. At the same time it seems all cached files (not only those of the changed artists) are being worked through again - they all appear under “Current Downloads”, but they are not actually being downloaded again. It’s more like they are being checked for any changes? But still with almost 45k files this will take some time, traffic and battery. Is this intentional?


Logs sent via email - 20220323_152247

You are not really supposed to edit Kodi database, there’s internal states calculated to allow differential syncs and ensure consistency.

The logs starts too late so it’s relatively hard to know what you changed that could trigger a full sync, will try to look the possible reasons but not sure it happens in normal conditions.

I usually do not do that, but sometimes it is the only option left because you cannot edit everything from the UI or web interface.

In this case it concerned sorting for artists start with “A …” (“A Forest Mighty Black”), which were not sorted properly. Although the sort artist was stored correctly in the files, Kodi does not store the sort artist for those in the database. The same seems to apply to artists starting with “The”. Kodi does the sorting correct anyway for “The Beatles” because it ignores certain articles. I have added “A” to the sorttokens in advancedsettings.xml because I want it to be ignored on film titles. But I don’t want that on music artists… so I had to add the sort artist manually. Which worked out fine.

I only enabled the log after I saw the whole thing, so the beginning is not there. I can try to replicate if you are interested, but will have to do that tomorrow, because the file sync is still running… I just hit “Remove all” in the download list, but it seems the cleanup of the list takes nearly as long.

You should report that on Kodi music forums for fix, the thing is that any DB change won’t be restored if you need to rescan your data anyway.

But in all cases I’ve found the issue with offline files being un synced after an unplanned full sync. Will be fixed in next release.

Thanks! Great! As always :slight_smile:

For the record: the Kodi forum thread: Sortartist not stored when artist name begins with sorttoken?

I installed the new version, but something is still wrong. I triggered a sync and it seems all files get into the download list again. The download does not start though. After some time I pushed the “clear all” button, then the cleanup started. But that also takes quite long for all the file entries, and in between the app crashed.

Luckily, I have all that on tape, erm, on debug log: 20220324_191323

Ok so yes since your database is out of sync and you cancel the recovering check and there’s no new changes on Kodi side it still tries to recover what it can.

You need to make some database changes on Kodi side so that the sync recovery takes place and not the internal state recovery.

I still need to figure out why cancelling is so slow on large lists, probably some race somewhere.

I added an album to Kodi. Symfonium startet the sync with Kodi automatically (luckily I could start debug logs and only on the next app start it started the sync). But now it is going through all downloads again, like the first time where every file is checked once. Should I let it run thorugh now? Do you want full logs (if so) until the end of the list is reached?

If this is the last time it is ok, but this run-through goes for a couple of hours, costs a lot of battery, and I have to look after it from time to time, because otherwise it seems it is halted (probably by Android).

No just logs from the start to see why the other recovery mode does not start.

The whole thing finished before I saw your message, so a big log is on the way: 20220323_223515

Ok thanks, so it’s a stupid race condition will be fixed in next release for real this time :slight_smile:

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I hope that new version arrives soon, Symfonium is now nearly unusable. Seems to somehow reload my library - when I navigate around nothing is shown suddenly, similarly to Yatse when parsing library updates. But it stays like that for some time. Should we wait for the new version first or should I try to catch some logs?

This sounds completely unrelated, new issue with logs and details please.

Done. Lalalala 20 characters.

The original issue of this thread seems indeed fixd with 0.9.9. The automatic sync only triggered the automatic download of the missing 20 songs, without anything else being checked again.