Album/Band covers not visible in offline mode

I can’t get offline art covers to work. Most albums and artists are just blank.
I am syncing from Plex server and only the cached songs themself seem to be offline, with sporadic album/artist art.
Activating ‘Automatic media offline cache’ seems to download my entire library, not only the art.
What am i doing wrong?


As a starter not filling the template and providing the logs :wink:

Everything is documented.

Automatic media cache does cache the media as per the name.

As per the FAQ you probably have something that delete the files, enable the option persistent image cache.

And provide the mandatory logs.

Should have read it better :smiling_face:i activated the persistent image option but it doesn’t seem to change much.

This is the log Quick Share

I do not see any error or anything in those logs, just the image downloading.

Have you restarted the app after enabling the persistent image cache and force a sync to force the global image cache to restart?

Yes, i tried it multiple times. But everytime i go offline, the images are gone. Also when i restart the app i can see that it takes a few seconds, with internet conection, to load them. So they don’t seem to be cashed for some reason. :pensive:

Then I need proper logs showing all.

Stop debug mode. Use the Manage Symfonium generated files to delete all current logs.
Be sure to have the option persistent image cache in advanced settings enabled.

  • Enable debug mode.
  • Force kill the app.
  • Scroll the album list to have the app load the images to cache.
  • Go to offline mode and scroll the same album list at the same positions.
  • Force kill the app. (Still offline mode)
  • Scroll the album list to have the app load the images to cache (or fails)
  • Go to online mode and scroll the same album list at the same positions.

Then stop debug mode and send the logs.

So i did it twice now and it worked but the third time i went offline, every singe Album and artist image was gone again.

2023-09-11 13:27:26.726 T:ImageCacheManager
Init image cache folder at:/storage/9C33-6BBD/Android/ data/

On the last try something have deleted the cache of the app and so it create the folder again. (It’s at the proper persistent folder so nothing should do that).

Try to see if the folder /storage/9C33-6BBD/Android/ data/ is missing during your tests to see if it’s the OS returning wrong state from the SDCARD or the files are really removed by the OS.

Check if you have some “optimizer” apps on your phone than could delete the files.

See Samsung | Don’t kill my app! to workaround some Samsung stupid stuff that might do that too.

It might have been some Samsung shenanigans. I disabled some settings and it works so far. Really hope it will stay like this.
Thank you for the support. :smiley:

Really love the app. Plexamp doesn’t hold a candle to Symfoniums customization.

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Can you list the things you changed for the others ?

So for some reason I haven’t had all permissions enabled for Symfonium.
And the second one was, under battery setting apps/symfonium/battery I had “optimized” on. I turned that off.

The file / media permissions are not needed if you do not add the local device as media store.

If the permission is not asked then it’s not needed.

And they are gone again :face_with_spiral_eyes:

This makes no sense. Are the changes you made auto reverted ?
There’s a few of them on don’t kill my app.

I guess you don’t have logs?

I have debugging disabled (no logs) and when i’m home, wifi loads everything in seconds. What do you mean by auto reverted?
Nothing i changed reverted in my settings.

Is it possible that by some setting my images are reseted when i use mobile data and not in offline mode?
Because that is when this thing happens.

There is nothing in Symfonium to delete the image cache except if you press the button clear image cache.

Or toggle the persistent image cache setting.

Both options haven’t been touched.
My offline tracks/albums stay on my sd card. It’s only the images that seem to disappear.

Well I honestly have no idea what deletes the images.

You really need to check the folder when this happens and see what is inside.

I just had the same issue as well. Had it a couple of times a while ago until I switched to persistent image cache. Now, depsite that setting, the images got deleted. @lertonaut, seems you have a Samsung phone, too? I guess it has something to do with that… :-/

Thanks for your reply, nice to hear I’m not the only one :upside_down_face:
Yeah, I have a Galaxy Note 10. It must be this. I think it’s some internal backed into the UI nonsense, which can’t completely be turned off by users…

Love Symfonium very much, and I’m sure it’s not on their side