After disconnecting from a BT player, Symfonium doesn’t play Audio on a new BT player

Issue description:

I play audio on my wireless BT buds via Symfonium. I then disconnect the buds. I connect to a different BT player (Anker Soundcore), and continue the music. Symfonium shows as playing audio, but no sound is playing. Notably, Android UI sounds and other audio players still work on the newly connected devices, only Symfonium refuses to play until I “force stop” it and start it again.

When I just reproduced it now, I continued the 2nd playback before the phone was fully connected. That resulted in Symfonium first playing audio on the phone, then it connected and the BT player played ~0.5 seconds, and then it went to the described behavior of not playing any Symfonium audio at all


The log file has both the issue happening naturally, and I added (starting at TS 08:51:36) an example of where I forced the issue. For that case, I also made sure not to play cached files, just in case that was related. (37.6 KB)

Unfortunately as expected there’s nothing visible in the logs about this.

I’ve reported to ExoPlayer team in case they have an idea :frowning:

Instead of force killing the app, can you try to un-check then recheck the option prefer internal decoder then check it again.
This should force restart ExoPlayer to be sure it’s something internal to ExoPlayer or higher level.

Yeah, can confirm that fixes it as well.
But leaving it unchecked completely solves the issue, and I don’t know why I even had it checked, so while there’s still a bug somewhere, at least this fixes my problem :wink:

Internal decoder is better and should be used and is enabled by default.

I can’t repro for now but maybe they will have idea.

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