Adjust or let me disable the long press to play options feature

Feature description:

In artist view and some others, when long pressing an item such as an album or a song, the phone will vibrate and three round drop targets will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. While I’m sure many find this useful, I find it a little annoying as I often rest my finger on the screen after scrolling and it detects as a long press. The delay seems to be to short!
Better yet, I’d like to disable that, as I don’t see myself using it. When queuing songs, I’d rather swipe them to the left like it’s possible in some apps (Spotify) and for albums, I just press it to see the different play options.

Problem solved:

The three drop targets appear when it is not intended

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What version of the app do you use?

Can you make a video reproducing, the long press should not trigger when scrolling.

As already mentioned it only happens when I rest my finger on the screen after scrolling, or when I slow down significantly. But this is something I always do, and other apps do not behave like this.

I did asked you the version you used.

In 10.1 beta there were a Compose issue that I workarounded in most place but maybe not everywhere.

If it occurred before 10.1 betas then it’s something else specific to your device and then I’ll need logs.

the version is 10.1.0

I also find that it is still to sensitive even in the latest version. I mad a screen recoding (upload including logs under “splinter-drag”) screen - yes, I am moving things very slowly, but a couple of times I am already moving the slider and still the album gets selected for drag and drop.

Yes it’s what I explained earlier, the workaround is not applied everywhere as not possible waiting for Google fix that should come Wednesday to push 10.1.5 that should fix this.


Beta 2 pushed from a quick test, their fix works so I’ve also removed the previous workaround.

Please update and confirm when it’s validated by Google.

Yes, fixed in the latest update. Thanks!