Add "use cases" to wiki

Hi Tolriq,

I’ve created a new topic, based upon Better handling of ReplayGain for song RG in random playback - #7 by Tolriq

Symfonium is so feature rich that I think some users (myself included) are confused on how to achieve our particular use cases.

In the wiki, you have documented the functionality of each option very well, but would it be possible to add some wiki entries (I’m happy to help) to explain some of the more advanced options?

For example, for replay gain.

Setting: Playback / Advanced / Transcoding engine (Beta) / Enhanced Replay Gain Processore (Experimental)


  • playback cache disabled
  • clear existing cache and force kill / restart Symfonium

Another example is offline cache, where I see people have different requirements.

My personal use case is caching all favourites (artist, album & track) from my Jellyfin server.

To achieve this I’ve created a smart playlist in Symfonium, “Add to offline cache” and “Enable auto offline cache”. Works beautifully.

It may also assist users to list any known issues with providers. You mentioned that there’s a Jellyfin bug where the bitrate is ignored. Strangely, I haven’t noticed this myself. Lucky for me it’s all 256kbps as per the Symfonium setting.

What do you think? I want Symfonium to be a success because it is clearly the best Android player out there.


Your first example is a wrong example it’s a miss in the code and already fixed for next release :slight_smile:

For the rest there’s many different ways to achieve things, like for cache all favorites there’s directly an option auto cache favorites :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t even need the smart playlist.

With that said yes more docs and more use cases are good, but this is time consuming, I guess I can add a Tips & tricks section on the forum for that purpose like I did on Yatse forum.
But this never really take off.

Most users just expect to “turn on replay gain” but Symfonium requires a little more context - is the user streaming or caching for example? Your results will vary depending on your answer.

To be honest, the “cache all favorites” never worked for me, so that’s why I went down my path with a smart playlist sync. Using the “cache all favorites” still requires a smart playlist to play them together (I think?).

I agree - the power of Symfonium is there are many ways to achieve the same goal.

Again no it does not, it’s a small bug with the new engine and the cache that does not take it in account, it’s already fixed in next release.

The cache favorites should work if it does not then I would have needed an issue :wink: And no you can just enable the online only filter and the favorite only too :wink:

Anyway the section is opened you can fill it.

I’m not being argumentative here, but just want to check my logic.

For a user who just wants to turn on replay gain, they need to set “Playback / Advanced / Transcoding engine (Beta) / Enhanced Replay Gain Processor (Experimental)”.

They are then required to turn on “Playback / Playback / Equaliser - DSP / Replay gain / Replay gain”.

Also, if you have existing cache, you must clear the cache and kill / restart Symfonium.

That’s quite a few steps to turn on replay gain.

I think this is why use case documentation is required. Two different settings required to turn on replay gain.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Well no.

If a user want to enable replay gain he just do :
Playback / Equaliser - DSP / Replay gain

This allows to choose what replay gain he want to use.

If he often play random songs with song gain with large gain difference and songs with instant high volume without a start then he might want to enable the alternative experimental engine.

The clear cache when enabling the experimental engine for the 3rd time is a small miss and already fixed for next release.

I incorrectly thought that the entire cache needed downloading, but now I understand it was a bug. Yes, you said that multiple times but I wasn’t listening :wink:

I always play random songs, so I certainly notice the instant high volume. I’m sure new users wouldn’t want this either.

I assume that when “Prefer server version on Wifi” is activated, the alternative experimental engine still applies replay gain?