Add "Radio" button to play similar artists music

A big feature I used in the app I used to use was a “Radio” feature which was found under artists and quickly added a bunch of tracks to the now playing queue that were similar to the artist. I also believe it put some weight on selecting tracks that were top tracks from the artist songs it selects.

I used this all the time and was by far the best option offered at least to me and would be great if something similar could be setup.

Thank you!

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As for the other request, media providers does not expose enough data to be able to build something that match the similar concept. It requires many parameters to be similar.

With that said I’ll probably add some kind of automatic radio to play after the last song based on the artist and song genre for those who like continuous play so this could be extended to be started from an artist.

But do not expect a similar quality to something that PlexAmp can provide.

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+1 for this feature, I used to use it in the original Plex app all the time. I know the “Artist” radio is based on similar artists tag in Plex because I quite frequently edit the tags to get what I want from the radio. Seems like a relatively simple algorithm that also involves popularity on Basically, it seems to take the popularity from for songs and use this as a weighting to pick a random song based on the similar artists tag; this way you get a real “Radio”, where more popular songs are more heavily rotated.

I would be perfectly happy if it was implemented only for Plex servers, but it does require that you have access to the similar artists tag, not sure if that’s possible.

Not possible due to how Symfonium works (Multi provider, offline first).

There’s already instant mixes, that are smart mixes based on your preferences for the artists. (The global filter is applied by genre, but then there’s many filtering / weighting to ensure a pleasant experiences, with enough loved songs while still having new content and never get 2 times the same thing).
The more you listen / rate things the more relevant the mixes Symfonium provides are.

OK, thanks, I’ll try to rate some artists and play with instant mixes to see what happens.

I’m currently using a work-around which seems to work reasonably well; I just use the plex web client to start an artist radio, then jump to the end a few times until it has generated about 100 songs, and then save that as a permanent mix and import it to Symfonium. When the playlist gets to the end, I’ll just trash it from the web client and build it again and re-import it. Not completely seamless, but it works

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Only songs user ratings matters.

But even with just enough play count it will generate playlist that you might already like.

Don’t subsonic servers provide similar song data? getSimilarSongs

I believe deluan said something about it when asked about radio stations in issue #316

Like most of those this does not expose the data during sync just add an endpoint that will call at that moment.
This does not work for offline usage, is slow and would be dependent on each servers randomly working or not on the features.

That’s unfortunate, artist radios is one of the only things substreamer and DSub have over Symfonium imo

Well try the personal mixes and instant mix and see that it works :wink:

Unfortunately those just aren’t the same :pensive:

Are there any plans for integration for fetching top songs and similar songs?

I think I may not be clear enough even after writing it quite a few times :slight_smile:

Symfonium is offline first. The functions must work without connectivity from the data it have.

Oh… That’s unfortunate, but I understand. You want it to be offline first there really isn’t much I can do to chanhe your mind :sweat_smile:

also sorry if I came off pushy, I didn’t mean to! You made an amazing app and it is greatly appreciated, so thank you!

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Got your point, but nowadays we are constantly online, whether we like it or not.

I just started to use Symfonium as a Subsonic client. I guess so far I’ve been using almost every Subsonic client for Android (Dsub, Madsonic, Ultrasonic and Substreamer). Symfonium seems to be the fastes and the most flexible when it comes to the configuration options. However I miss integration seen in Substreamer :(. Add it and you will make the best Subsonic client :smiley:


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I agree! IMHO this app shouldn’t really be offline first since it deals mainly in online providers. Like it can do local files but Oto beats Symfonium for local music to an extent imo, why not fully push into online features? But hey, I’m not the dev :man_shrugging:t4:

And back to this, not only that. I feel Symfonium has the potential to be the best music app for all its included providers (except local and plex of course). Subsonic there really isn’t much competition, Jellyfin there’s some, and idk about Emby. But I can definitely see Symfonium being the standard at some point

I know people always assume their needs are the only needs and that the Internet access in their country is the Internet access in all countries but this is not how the whole world works :slight_smile:

Oto beats Symfonium for local music to an extent imo

Would be nice to actually explain why to have the app improve in what would be missing, because local usage is very high and most users prefers Symfonium because of Smart Playlists, Advanced equalizer …

(except local and plex of course)

Again explain, most users disagree with you I got tons of users telling me that they highly prefer Symfonium over PlexAmp.

TL;DR: Your own personal needs and feelings does not represent the whole world.

Would it be possible to use lastfm or any other similar providers if you are online and smartplaylist in case being offline?

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My point being an option would be nice, like a little toggle hidden in the settings to turn on or off external intergration. But i’ll stop yapping about that

Your smart playlists are excellent, I will not lie. But one thing Oto does have that Symfonium doesn’t is the allowing for multiple artists using the ; or , separation. My primary use is for Subsonic so I didn’t feel the urgency to make a feature request for it, so that’s a fault of my own.
Secondly, I’m a fan of the gradient blur for the now playing section that Oto has, but that’s aesthetics and not function so it’s barely worth mentioning, Symfonium has it’s own design style which I find appealing.

I see, I agree for the most part tbh. But I say the Plex thing because, well,

  1. Radios :laughing:
  2. Similar artists
  3. proper displaying of an artist’s top songs
    All of which relating to this thread, but besides those things… maybe played track history? Which I’ll make a dedicated topic for after this reply.
    Other than that, yeah that’s about it.

This is why I used “IMHO” and “imo” cause, I’m just a random rat that listens to music sometimes, and I can only talk from my own experiences and opinions. I’m sorry if I came off as arrogant in my previous replies.

But one thing Oto does have that Symfonium doesn’t is the allowing for multiple artists using the ; or , separation.

Well there’s proper tags to manage multiple artists, currently Symfonium does not parse tags and rely on Android media store, so is limited to what Android handles.
One day I’ll probably add a custom tag parser seeing that many want it.


The personal mixes does that nicely just try :wink:

Similar artists

Instant mixes does that based on genres and your real actual data and preferences not what some other random people decide.

proper displaying of an artist’s top songs

Again the data displayed is based on your data, favorites, play count, ratings, that represent your top songs not what some other random guys says are the top songs.

The only real missing thing that they start work hard on it since it’s a differentiating factor are the sonic data.

I’m excited to see that! Best of luck Tolriq

it just isn’t the same

Yes yes, I’ll let the external integration go :slightly_frowning_face: for now
You’re very steadfast in your decision against this