Add option for star rating songs/full albums

As you do have option of rating songs already via love/favorite implementation, some of us like to rate songs and albums 0/5 stars as media servers like subsonic/navidrome allow for it. I would like to request for the ability to do this in Symfonium and have it sync with the star ratings from songs and albums on media servers, for instance navidrome.

Ultrasonic (GitHub - ultrasonic/ultrasonic: Free and open-source music streaming Android client for Subsonic API compatible servers) is the only subsonic/navidrome android player that I know of that allows for rating via stars. Dsub only has a thumbs up/thumbs down rating as far as I know. For now, I use a recently played smart playlist in navidrome and go back and rate songs after I have listened to them on Symfonium.

I thought about this as well. I use 5 stars ratings written in tags to make it compatible with PC Foobar2000. It would be nice to have an option to read/write tags to local library so 5 stars ratings would be usable.

There won’t be an option to edit local music tags. I rely on the provider to do things, tags editing on Android is more and more complex with Google restrictions on file access.

That’s a feature I’d really like to have, not to edit tags of course, but to be able to star rate from 0 to 5. Like said in the first post, Navidrome (subsonic) or Ultrasonic do have this feature, and it’s very useful to display Most rated albums or tracks, or even to create (dynamic) playlists based on rating.

The rating is synced and you can make smart playlists based on it. It’s just not editable and not that much visible in the UI for now.

Nice! Is there any plan to make it editable with the UI ?

On the now playing screen most certainly, everywhere in the app not sure yet to not open the box of constant asking about other metadata editing.

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FYI, here is how it’s handled on Ultrasonic
It can only be changed on the playing view though

Since my ratings almost always pertain albums, I would like to also request to make 5-star-ratings settable and visible somehow somewhere in the UI.

Edit: fyi I use subsonic api with ampache

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