Add an ability to customize or disable swipe actions in the playlist

Feature description:

It would be nice if it was possible to either customize or at the very least disable the swipe actions on the current playlist.

Problem solved:

By default, swiping left on a song in a playlist removes it from the playlist, while swiping right queues that song to be played next. Personally I find this to be a bit too sensitive, and as a result I end up messing up my playlist accidentally when trying to scroll it.

Brought benefits:

More customizability or safer playlist scrolling without the risk of accidentally moving or removing the songs

Other application solutions:

  1. An alternative solution would be to perhaps limit the swipe actions to only work at the certain portions of the screen. For instance, they would work normally in the middle of the screen, but swiping left or right at the side edges of the screen would ignore them and would only allow to scroll the playlist up and down.

  2. Yet another alternative solution would be to allow the users to customize the minimum angle for the left/right swipe actions to trigger. If the UI framework used be Suymfonium allows it at all

Additional description and context:

If any more details are needed please let me know.

Screenshots / Mockup:

No mockup, the description should be self explanatory

Thank you in advance for considering this!

You need to swipe more than 40% of the screen for the actions to trigger and when they trigger there’s a vibration and animation to warn you that it will do something.

Can you show me a video where you could trigger those actions without wanting?

It seems to trigger at a lot lower angles. I’ve enabled a developer setting in my phone to show my taps and cursor movement. If a video showing me physically using the phone would be more useful, please let me know, I can send that too

The actions are not triggered at all in this video you need to move 40% of the screen size for it to happen.

It’s hard to see the issue here. Is your issue because the scroll bar goes away?

The actions didn’t trigger in that case, but the app was detecting a horizontal swipe even though the angle was definitely more vertical. This interrupts the scrolling, which is a bit of an annoyance with longer playlists like the one in the video. Actually triggering the action is more rare, but it has happened to me.

I guess the simplest solution would be a toggle button in the settings that would allow to disable the horizontal scroll, but I would really appreciate any one of the solutions I mentioned in the original post

No I don’t add random options to workaround Compose issues I fix them :wink:

Please upload a video with your fingers as propose so I can try to better understand how you reproduce this.

Here it is:

Ok so no there’s something else, the scroll does not behave normally at all, no velocity and slow.

Please provide logs [Wiki] How to gather logs and open an issue there’s another problem.

Got the logs right here:

debug.log (291 Bytes) (2.2 KB)

Just FYI, the slow scrolling only applies to playlist and library views, and it’s pretty fast at first, just slows down over time until I restart the application. The settings menu in the application is always fast. Perhaps it’s caused by the album art being displayed, but either way, it’s not too much of an issue.

The slow scroll is the reason the swipe triggers in your case, how long does it take for the scroll to slow down?

Do you have some repro? Like you scroll a lot the same screen or change pages or a lot or something?

I reported a few touch issues to Google but all should be fixed now :frowning:

I have 546 of albums in my library, over 5000 songs, and the playlists I use are somewhwat lage too (usually a few hundred songs). For now to repro it I can do something like this:

  1. Go to Library → All Albums and scroll up and down through the entire list slow enoguh to let all covers render
  2. Repeat the same with Library → Album Artists (although there are no images here, just a generic icon)
  3. Repeat the same in my current playlist with 200+ songs

Perhaps something holds a reference to the album covers or other song related data and the garbage collector doesn’t free the memory?

Although to be honest I don’t think the horizontal swipe problem is caused by the slowdown, it happens also after I’ve just restarted the app and everything is snappy.

There’s no leak in the app and it’s device specific Compose issue :frowning:

And yes the issue is tied to that, the Compose swipe stuff have some sensitivity issue, but when you started scrolled on normal devices it nearly never intercept the events.

Next release will force disable the gesture when scrolling, but the root issue on your device is still to be found.

You can try the beta on Play Store.

I tried the beta update and your fix seems to work really well. Thank you so much for this!

This is not a fix, this is a workaround, but not sure that I can properly report to Google your issue without a device to reproduce :frowning:

I think I managed to repro it on Bluestacks to the point of the app almost freezing. I just open up Library → Songs and scroll up and down the entire song list using the scroll bar on the right. After about a minute of doing this the app becomes unresponsive. Now, this is over 5000 songs in my case, and I guess the app is trying to render album covers for all of them. Perhaps it’s simply an issue with the number of items being displayed at once?

Oh, and also I’m using Subsonic API as the only media source with Navidrome as the backend. Not sure if it matters, but I’m just throwing it here just in case. Maybe it would be helpful if I provided you a read-only access to my library via a PM?

I do tests with 300k songs and there’s users with 800k :slight_smile: 5000 songs is just nothing.

But yes a test access to the exact same library could help in case it’s a specific image that triggers something.