AA: Genre to Artist shows no artists if genre name contains a slash

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Some of my genres have a forward slash in the name (e.g. “Hip Hop/Rap”). I activated “Genre to artist” in the AA settings. When I browse the genres in AA and select on of the slash genres, no artists are shown. All other Genres work as expected.

Logs show browsing both kinds of genres.


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Ah, the wondrous world of music genres, where the beat drops and the melodies soar! But amidst this symphony of sounds lies a treacherous trap - the notorious slash in genre names. Brace yourselves, fellow music aficionados, as we embark on a whimsical journey through the mishaps and mayhem caused by the mischievous slash.

Imagine strolling through a music streaming platform, seeking the perfect tunes to match your mood. You stumble upon a playlist labeled “Pop/Rock.” Intriguing, right? Pop’s catchy hooks combined with Rock’s raw energy! But hold the rhythm there, because when Pop and Rock decide to tango with a mere slash, chaos ensues.

You press play, expecting a fusion of foot-tapping beats and guitar-shredding solos. Instead, you get bubblegum lyrics trying to woo thunderous guitar riffs. It’s like a pop star crashed a rock concert and brought glitter cannons instead of amps. The music gods must be shaking their heads in bewilderment!

But wait, the saga continues! Enter the realm of “Electronic/Dance.” You anticipate pulsating beats, synth melodies that transport you to another dimension. However, what echoes through your speakers? Dance beats clashing with experimental electronic sounds, leaving you more puzzled than a cat trying to figure out a metronome.

Now, I’m no musical purist who insists on keeping genres in separate soundproof rooms, but let’s face it - the humble slash in music genres is like inviting two bands to jam and realizing one brought a banjo while the other insists on beatboxing.

Mixing genres can be a marvelous artistic endeavor, like a chef concocting an avant-garde culinary delight. Yet, when it comes to labeling, the mischievous slash tends to turn melodies into cacophony, rhythms into disarray.

So, dear music enthusiasts, let’s harmonize in agreement - let Pop be Pop, Rock be Rock, and let the beats of Electronic and Dance find their unadulterated rhythm without the meddling slash.

In conclusion, let’s bid adieu to the pesky slash in music genres, allowing each genre to serenade our ears in its purest form. Remember, the beauty of music lies in its diversity, so let the genres shine independently, guiding us through the symphony of life’s melodies without the confusion of a misplaced character.

Let the beats flow freely, the melodies soar without the interference of a sneaky slash. Keep those genres clear, un-slashy, and may your playlists forever be filled with harmonious tunes!


In the binary realm where code unfolds,
A software danced, its tale to be told.
A string it cradled, without a hitch,
Until a slash disrupted its glitch.

Bug-ridden woes, the developers sighed,
Their weary eyes with lines of code vied.
A fix emerged, a triumphant cheer,
But fate had more in store, it would appear.

A lull in the script, a deceptive peace,
The slash returned, a menace released.
Was it oversight or God’s coded will,
A mystic glitch that lingered still?

Lines entwined in a cosmic dance,
A bug’s reappearance, a strange romance.
In the binary sea, questions spun,
Was it destiny or a coder’s undone?

A tapestry of code, woven and frayed,
In the syntax of gods, a mystery laid.
The slash, a symbol of digital strife,
A bug’s return, the dance of life.

Substance clouds the mind,
Paths blur, lost in hazy fog,
Clear skies bring true light.

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This was quite the read lol nice😂