[7.0B1] LMS track and album rating not shown in Symfonium

Issue description:

I scanned my (mostly FLAC) music library with LMS 3.45.1. LMS is configured to scan the extra tags RATING and ALBUM RATING and correctly displays them in the Web UI. However, after scanning the LMS library with Symfonium 7.0B1, I do not see the ratings in the track details.


I’ve recorded the logs as I was doing the following actions: look for the song, open the details, play the song, open the details again. I see the RATING and ALBUM RATING tags are mentioned in the logs, so at least I know LMS is sending them.

debug-20231204_155322.zip (355.7 KB)


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You are mixing a lot of things here.


  1. Your LMS version is quite old.
  2. AFAIK LMS does not support userRating (that’s the property of OS that it should return).

The fact that you have random values in random tags does not make them available in the API and usable by clients.


Edit: “serverVersion” : “1” in the logs but for 3.45.1 it should be 4.

I’m not sure what to tell you on the LMS version, I know for a fact that I’m running the 3.45.1 image:

I will wait for itm’s input, thanks for pinging them. Edit: I actually remembered they mentioned ratings wouldn’t be read/written from tags, only through the subsonic API: Confusion with tags scanning configuration · Issue #353 · epoupon/lms · GitHub. So I guess this kind of functionality is not happening.

Bit of a shame since this is pretty much the last thing missing (for me) in the LMS - Symfonium setup, but I can live with it.

Indeed adding extra tags in LMS does only make them available in the LMS’ UI.
LMS is multi-user oriented, so the user ratings will likely be read from/written to the LMS db.

My opinion is that a good compromise to this is hinted at with the User rating / Rating field in Symfonium.

  • User rating would be the rating the user reads-writes within the Symfonium / LMS environment. It is independent of the file tags and stays within that environment.
  • Rating is taken from the file tags and is read-only.

I do understand that this is probably a pretty niche request, though I’m sure a few other people passionate about tagging have and will request such a feature :).

In the unlikely event someone comes to this thread looking for a way to sync MusicBee ratings with LMS and have it displayed in Symfonium, I found a way not with LMS, but with Navidrome: GitHub - rombat/musicbee-navidrome-sync: CLI tool to sync a Navidrome DB with data from a MusicBee DB (playcounts, ratings, loved tracks, last played date...). I will be giving it a try.

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