Wrong track duration in Now Playing

Issue description:

Hi, despite the track length being correctly in the list/details page, many(!) tracks are displaying the wrong length when playing. It seems to be up to 9 seconds added length from what I can tell. I noticed this when gapless wasn’t working as a result.

All tracks I’ve noticed are mp3s. I’m not sure if this was happening before. I’ve tested with both the Internal decoder toggled on and off, and I get the same results.
I will upload two files where the length is incorrect (the songs by the avalanches) and one where it works correctly (the song by the xx). The issue seems very widespread.

The logs file is of me playing a couple of tracks in full. I’m sorry I dont remember exactly what I called it, but it is something logical to the issue.


Upload description: wrongtracklength

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Local device




I need the songs to reproduce and eventually forward to ExoPlayer.

I uploaded them, as I said in the post. Or did I not hit submit?

They are uploaded but not under the same description.

For the record since it happens frequently that people does not understand why I ask for a description or unique text to find the uploads:

This is what I see :slight_smile: Since I can’t click on each uploads due the number of them from random people that never contact me, I only use the search that search in the description.

So please remember the description you use and write it in the issues.

Ah I see, no worries. I will reference the description in the post from now on. I assumed it would be tied to my username but I see now it’s a seperate site!

Thanks, seems ExoPlayer last fix does fix the duration but not the actual playback will report to them again.

Cool, thanks. It’s wild that this bug has slipped through from them! It’s affecting the majority of my library. The old version of Exoplayer that Blackplayer uses works fine too.

Are they quick to sort things?

It depends on who is on it :wink:

Hopefully I’ve ping the right guy and it may, but I would not hope too much.

Anyway at least next version will show the proper duration, but gapless still won’t work.

Damn. Frustrates me when the basics don’t work haha. Here’s hoping.

Well it’s most probably your MP3 that are not that standard, since MP3 can be so easily broken.

Yes, it looks like the main downloader I use causes this. If I reconvert the file through Musicbee the problem goes away. This is unsettling news lol.

@Tolriq , is the issue with the files that causes this known? So I could report back to the dev of the downloader.

It it was known it would be fixed :wink:

If more example files or information about the software used to encode them is needed I am happy to provide.