Wrong track being played

Issue description:

Sometimes it happens that on the UI it shows that X track is being played but in reality X+1 track is being played.

This happens in different situations, in the logs I captured one where I started a new Song mix and it started playing the 2nd track but on the UI it showed as it was playing the 1st track(screenshot uploaded in secure upload). To get it to play the 1st track, I had to press next track, it restarted the 2nd track and then press back track and it started to play the 1st track.

In the logs, at 2024-02-26 18:35:56.702, you can see that it was going to play the 1st track when Song mix started, but then in the logs it played the 2nd track.

This behaviour also happens sometimes when I try to skip a track on my smarthwatch or earphones but at the moment I got no logs for it.


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Additional information:

It started to happen after 9.0.0 update. In the beta there was no such issue.

Reproduction steps:



Media provider:





I cleaned every cache, including the rolling cache. The issue still persists.

Ok was able to repro a very rare race that should be fixed in next release.

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This one in the logs was kinda rare, it only happened once. But the one that skips a song when trying to play the next track happens quite often when I change it from my earphones or smartwatch. Hopefully it will fix this issue too.

On Thursday, I’ll use my earphones and watch for long time. I will enable the debug and write down the timestamps of when this bug happenes and send you the logs.

Speaking of logs, in the next version could you redact the HOST in the URL too. It doesn’t add information to the reported issues but it is a PII for self-hosted backends.

It does add a lot of information, specially in a multi provider configuration, the time lost asking for network details or checking the certs for public hosts without that is just insane.

For the record you are using a closed source app, I could already be gathering automatically all your data and your password :wink: The logs are now securely uploaded and only me can see them.

I got the bug while changing the song with earphones and smartwatch, the logs are the same as the one shared before.

I have been having the same issue for the past several days if not a week or two.

On Android Auto, same phenomenon: Current Track + 1 is playing. Indexing back starts playing of the current audio.

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Having the same issue here, bumping just in case :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve the same issue, very rare, but nonetheless, I’m seeing it happen. I’ve a hunch it’s related to the necessary API changes for Emby as I can’t recall the issue prior.

That said, per Tolriq’s response above, sounds like a fix will soon be available. I do see he’s actively working with Luke, the main dev for Emby, to resolve various issues with this new version. If it’s any consolation, it’s not just Symfonium having issues with the latest Emby. Unfortunately this sometimes happens with new versions of software.

HI all. Just to inform that I have the Current Track Info+1playing issue as well. (Info from a song but the next in the queue is played). Happens with albums mainly, not playlists. Playback on my phone as well as on my headphone. Sorry did not catch the logs, happens often (I know this is subjective, let’s say it happens enough for me to catch it).