Wrong track being played

Issue description:

Version 9.0.0
Android 12

Since the latest version update I’m getting a weird behavior from the app When I select a song, it sometimes plays another song from the same album. It’s important to note that it’s only the audio that’s mixed up, not the title shown on now playing, which is always correct.
Tested with cache/rolling cache turned off and turned on: same results.
Purged all offline files and still getting the error too.


Upload description: isthatwyll

Additional information:

Exmaple: in the screenshot “Nothing to Declare” audio is being played rather than “Bubbglegum Dog”

Reproduction steps:

Go to the album page and click a song
Play a song and press skip or previous and the wrong song starts playing even thou the artwork and title matches

Media provider:





I uploaded the log as it was descripted in the upload screen but it didn’t showed up in the ticket, it seems

The files in the log are played from playback cache.

Clear it from Advanced settings to if it happens again try to remember how you trigger that state.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that i did that too, unfortunately it didn’t stop the behavior.
I could only reproduce this error within the same music album, but not in playlists, thou.

All I can see is the logs the logs shows no issue as the data is from the cache.

So provide logs after clearing the playback cache or disabling it and reproducing the issue.

In my last log upload, I played some song with media cache disabled (no weird behavior), as soon as I re-enabled, the odd behavior started again.

You did not clear the cache before that log so it does not show the creation of the problem.

Clear playback cache, restart the app if it’s not automatic, enables logs reproduce and give exactly what happen for what song.

@Tolriq I’m having the same issue where it skips a song or replay the same one when changing to next song. In my case it happens only if I try to change to the next song from my earphones or smartwatch. Later I will try to reproduce the bug and make a discussion about it. This bug only started since 9.0, there was no such issue in the beta.

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Since he does not follow up, open your own issue with proper logs for anything to be done.

Here it is, cache cleaned. log was uploaded.
The track requested was “Rings a Bell” but the audio playing is for the next track “June Gloom”

Ok was able to repro a very rare race that should be fixed in next release.

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