Works only in shuffle mode

Issue description:

Version is 7.2.0 (1216)
When you access the library created by jellyfin and press the “Play” button on the loaded library, you will be able to play the library.
When I press the “play” button of the album artist, a different song is played each time I press the button.
When I look at the queue, the songs are shuffled so the “Play” button is doing the shuffle action.
Pressing the “Play” button for an artist will also shuffle the songs.

If I select an album and press the “Play” button, the album is not shuffled, but is played from track No. 1.

I like to play all the songs of an artist in order of release, so it is very annoying that I can’t do that.
I think this behavior is not normal, but could you please fix it?


Upload description: When you access the library created by jellyfin and press the “Play” button on the loaded library, you will be able to play the library.

Additional information:

 I can’t think of any information I need.
Please let me know if you have any information that needs to be provided. We will look into it immediately. 

Reproduction steps:

 Simply press the play button on the album artist or artist screen to reproduce 

Media provider:




There’s no definitive proper default sort order for songs of an artist, so yes the play button of the artist is random too. (Alpha, album alpha, album date, song date (that might be different), …)

If you want a specific order you press the top tracks header and choose your preferred sort.

Thanks for the response.
If the “play” button is shuffle, why is there a shuffle button next to it?
At least if you press the play button on the album screen, it doesn’t shuffle, so don’t you think one of them is working wrong?

Well, it’s ok. Tell me one thing, where is the “top tracks header”?
I’ve tried looking for it based on your advice, but I don’t see a button that would allow me to reorder them.

Sroll down the screen there’s a list of songs with an header “Top tracks” don’t know the Japanese translation so it might mean something a little different.

And there’s play and shuffle for consistency with the rest and they actually work a little differently, as the shuffle button ensure distribution over the albums and everything while the play does not.

Thanks, I took a look. I see the top track header is a feature to sort and display only a limited number of songs.

I found it inconvenient that there is no simple function to select an album artist and playback songs from that group in order of release date.
The artist tag does have that feature, but music groups often release CDs with guest artists.
The artist tag treats them as separate artists, so you can’t play all of the group’s music at once!

Clicking on the top tracks shows all songs from that artist it’s not limited, it’s what your tags says are the songs from that artist. Exact same song list as pressing the play button on the artist.

This is a tag issue here. A song can have multiple artists. So no issue here.

And yes you can play all albums from an artist in the order you want, press the header to see all the albums sort as you want then press play.

You just need to better manage your tags according to your needs and the media provider you use.

Thank you!
(Hide top button row in lists) I had this setting turned on!

The playback buttons here played in order.
I thought they were separate issues, but the solution was the same one.

Thank you very much for your time and effort in this lengthy exchange.
I appreciate your kindness.