Working buttons on widget

Right now on my Pixel 3a the widget buttons are tiny and just take you to the app instead of controlling the player.

Please provide a screenshot, what launcher do you use? I have no issue on my 3a so it might be something else.

Total Launcher.

Hum text looks big, do you have increased the OS font size? I’m using real early alpha stuff for the widgets I’ll probably need to adapt some things.

I don’t think I’ve messed with the OS font size and I don’t have the issue with any other widgets.

As said I use some very early alpha stuff from Google so nothing like any other apps currently :frowning:
Are you using an official Android 12 rom or some custom one? Some logs would help to have a better view of your configuration.

Log sent by email. Official Android 12. Switching from large OS font size to default font size increased button size but buttons still not working even after reboot.

Thanks so from the logs you face the R8 issue, next version have the fix.
Just to be sure the logs you sent are with normal font size? (The logs indicate that but want to be sure).

I’ll look into how I can fix the sizes with larger font size.

Ok so I was able to reproduce on my p3a and have a fix, too late for next version but will be in the version after.

Yes, default font size on Pixel 3a running standard Android 12.

Can confirm that widget buttons now work. The buttons are still to small for my taste but the built-in Media Player widget for Total Launcher works fine so I’m happy

Widgets will be expanded once the Glance stuff from Google mature a little more.