Word-level time-aligned lyric support (Enhanced LRC file)

Feature description:

Lyric files in an enhanced format with word timing tags, such as this example (from wikipedia):

[mm:ss.xx] <mm:ss.xx> line 1 word 1 <mm:ss.xx> line 1 word 2 <mm:ss.xx> ... line 1 last word <mm:ss.xx>
[mm:ss.xx] <mm:ss.xx> line 2 word 1 <mm:ss.xx> line 2 word 2 <mm:ss.xx> ... line 2 last word <mm:ss.xx>
[mm:ss.xx] <mm:ss.xx> last line word 1 <mm:ss.xx> last line word 2 <mm:ss.xx> ...  last line last word <mm:ss.xx>

It should be a kind of extension format for LRC. I hope Symfornium can support this feature.

Problem solved:

I hope the symfonium can make use of word time tag or just hide the tags.

Brought benefits:

This can result in a better lyrics display effect, at the very least, it won’t require manually removing these tags

Other application solutions:

Apple music

No short term plans to support this as relatively complex, but I can filter them.

Can you send me a couple of files with those to check if there’s any different variations in the formats?

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Where do you even source elrc files?
I already have a hard time finding lyrics that are properly synced line by line, let alone word by word.
Or do you sync them yourself? And if so, with which program?

Am I supposed to send these files to you via email or upload them here? I’ve examined these LRC files I have, and they are all in the same format. In fact, they were all downloaded from the same website. I’m sorry for not being able to provide more variations.

There’s a foobar2000 plugin called ESLyric (github.com) that can grab lyrics from some music websites.
There are also some methods to generate word time tags using AI, but I have never tried them.

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Just upload here, if they are all in the same mm:ss.xx then it will be handled in next release. If there’s variation I’ve covered some but well we’ll see :slight_smile:

lrcs.zip (14.8 KB)

Thanks so yes they will be properly removed in next release.

Not sure I’ll add actual support for that anytime soon.

Thank you very much for your work.

Thanks, I’ll check it out. Currently I use Lyrics Reloaded for MusicBee but the results for synced lyrics are lackluster at best.