Wont play with Upnp/dlna player

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I have a md83867 dlna player which appears in symfonium correctly and i can select it. But when trying to play songs from plex the song appears to start for a few seconds (nothing can be heard) and then the song stops. Playing it directly on the Android works. Also when using a local music file the player works. Have tried all combinations of player settings but that does not change anything. seems to be a combination issue with plex source and dlna player. Any ideas?


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Most of the issues are the devices that do not support the https certificate.

You can enable to proxy option on the renderer in Symfonium to workaround that.

did try proxy, did not resolve the issue. Will give it another try to be 100% sure

hmm, totally confused now. retried everything, didn’t work with proxy. and all of a sudden also local files wouldn’t play as well

bunch of errors, but then i rebooted player and app and put the player to a location with better wifi connection.

now it seems to work even w/o proxy.

will continue to observe, in the meantime i guess this ticket can be closed.