Wishlist for Radios and custom songs

Feature description:

I would like to have a wishlist in which I can add custom tracks I’d like to insert in my library. The list should be simple and maybe containing just information about the title and the artist.
It would be cool to be able to add a song that is currently playing on an Internet Radio, maybe with a simple button in the UI. The song added trough the radio might contain its source as well.
The management of the list may be easy as well, since it needs to be a simple checklist with the ability of adding a new custom tracks.

Problem solved:

This feature would solve the need of manually taking notes of the songs I would like to add to my library. It would provide a unified wishlist for my library as well. Moreover it would be an easy way to remeber a song that is playing on a radio and which I like.

Brought benefits:

It would be an useful feature for those people who are looking forward to expand their library. I personally struggle to remember every song i like and, in particular, the one which I heard on radios, so this would be an highly valuable function, at least for me.

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Screenshots / Mockup:


Sorry no plans for that, you can use the share function in the 3 dots menu that share details about current media to whatever other app you can then use to manage that list.

Thanks for the answer, I’ll try!