Wireguard and Symfonium not working when Jellyfin Does

Issue description:


I seen a previous post of a wireguard and Jellyfin / Symfonium problem. The only difference is I am mainly connecting by IP. I have confirmed to remove the Symfonium app from the wireguard connection and re-add it

Sometimes the connection will work, allow a song or 2 then drop. JellyFin stays connected the whole time. Does Symfonium require additional ports to Jellyfin? I am currently allowing 8096 tcp only which works for clients going to the Jellyfin server over the wireguard connection, symfonium doesn’t.


Upload description: I used Silentsharp for log name during logging

Additional information:

Wireguard is setup for VPN connection

Only allowing 8096 tcp to the Jellyfin server which works directly from clients to Jellyfin server.

Symfonium is included in the specific apps over the wireguard connection, all other apps work that are set up similarly to symfonium connection to Jellyfin server.


Reproduction steps:

Setup wireguard and connection to allow traffic.

Exclude all traffic but Symfonium

Traffic to pass is 8096 on firewall from wireguard clients to Jellyfin server. I have any port from source wireguard clients to tcp 8096 port set on the incoming connection of Jellyfin server and also the outgoing connection from jellyfin server to any port on client


Media provider:




HTTP FAILED: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: failed to connect to / (port 8096) from / (port 39444) after 5000ms

The communication is broken at some point and keep being broken.

This happens at a lower level than Symfonium so can’t really tell more here.

Thank you for the update.

I’ll review some settings and go from there. I’ll update this post if I find something.

After some more troubleshooting, I have found more information.

When connected to the wireguard VPN (I have removed all ports and am allowing everything from my wireguard client to the network of the Jellyfin server, and back), the Symfonium app shows that it has issues connecting to the Jellyfin but if I select a song (Symfonium sees music from the server) it takes about 2 minutes to start playing. My Jellyfin server reports that the song has started playing about 30 seconds into waiting on the Symfonium app.

I have uploaded more logs with debugging on.

The song does play after time.

Maybe new logs will help?

You can read the logs yourself you know :slight_smile:

This is exactly the same, there’s tons of timeout.

Maybe the VPN does not support too many simultaneous connections or whatever but as long as request will timeout it will have issues.

Thank you for the information. I am thinking it is the connection due to the way it is operating.

I appreciate letting me know that I can also read the logs. But due to this being a paid app, that’s where you come in :slight_smile:

There’s a misunderstanding here. I’m not responsible for the tools you put between the app and the supported servers paid or not …

I think there is a great misunderstanding

I never said you had to fix the problem, I was experiencing. I only provided logs and was asking for support, to an application I paid for that you support.

You provided the details I needed to direct me to where I need to look on my equipment. The response of “You can look at the logs yourself” was funny and thought that I would re-establish the humor of a customer requesting help on an application I paid for, that you support.

Hopefully this removes any misunderstanding.

I’m not native English speaker but my point is still that I do not have to offer support for the tool you put in the middle either.

If you upload logs after each time you tweak a setting in your VPN and ask me to confirm it’s written timeout in there, I just loose time for no reason, and if every users do the same then I do not have time for anything else than reading logs.

The first log round is totally normal and I answered, now reading the logs while you fine tune your VPN is completely out of support, paid app or not.

So yes your message was turned in a way that could be interpreted even worse than what it was, but still my support ends at Symfonium.

Hope you understand the situation here.

I understand. Thank you for your support.

Thanks it’s really appreciated :wink: I really wonder why I still bother …