Widget style refresh?

Feature description:

Would you consider a graphic refresh of the Symfonium widgets?

Add as much details as possible.
Not a functional change, but perhaps would give the widgets a better look?

Problem solved:

Just give some more polish to an incredible app!

Brought benefits:

Just make the widget(s)more visually appealing

Other application solutions:

I’ll attach screenshots from PlayerPro, PowerAmp, Rocket Player, and GoneMad

I’ve labeled them for you to see.

I personally like PlayerPro and Rocket Player best of all.

Screenshots / Mockup:

Thanks for your consideration

They are all incredibly ugly, don’t use the 4x1 widget and resize it to 4x2 use the dynamic widget that adapt to how you resize it.

That will work.

Personal opinion, I guess.

I do like player pro and rocket players better, but both have fallen on hard times.


They look like Android 4.0 :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with 4.0?

That was an awesome ver!