Widget button for Song mix

It would be great if there was a widget button that went straight to a song mix. I’m mainly looking to just be able to hit the widget button and immediately start playing a “shuffle all” mix from my android homepage. It would basically work like the Home Page Shortcut “Song Mix” button but be a simple widget button (1x1) to do the same thing. If it were customizable to be able to choose which shortcut to set it to that would probably be even better but I mainly am just looking for a shortcut to shuffle all.

What other configurable option would you imagine ? Like any possible playlist?

My primary use would be the “song mix” option but I’d imagine other users may find it useful to be able to select similar to the homepage shortcuts you have in settings…album mix, decade mix, maybe artist mix? I don’t want to complicate it too much and really just wanted a quick way to shuffle all from hitting the widget button.