Widget background transparency

Hi. Would be nice to have optuonal/adjustable widget background transparency (instead of the solid colour)


As requested by mail please add some more details :slight_smile: Transparent how, adjust what? What happens when something is not playing when something is playing depending on the current phone wallpaper.

Need more specific requirements and needs than just removing the background that would make the widget not really usable as not readable. (Widget is actually 6 different layouts)

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Thanks it doesn’t matter if playing or idle… Instead of the solid background it looks nicer if you can (user optional) have a transparency slider… Which has a glassy effect allowing a small amount of the wallpaper to shine through the widget.
The buttons text and images are not affected by the effect, its only the solid background part of the widget that becomes like glass (you can see through it like dark glass.

Transparent how? Transparent as in you can see the wallpaper slightly through the widget

Adjust what… You can adjist/set the transparency/opacity level with a slider

Makes no difference if something is or is not playing

Just an example of a transparent widget

Or if you want to check out a music app that has transparency well implemented, have a look at musicoilet in play store (it is however a very basic offline local music player so is no comparison to the features in symphonium)

Add a widget and youll see the transparency slider and the effect it has (makes the solid background see through… But has No effect on images/text/buttons)

Hope you understand ?
Any widget should have optional level… So that any solid background turns to glass/see through
Buttons / images / text is not affected

Just updated today and am loving this! Thankyou so much!! Happy new year.