Why not support webdav?

I am Chinese and my English is not good.

Let me explain why it is recommended to support webdav.

The Symfonium app is installed on Android for the purpose of playing music well. But it relies on external music services. In China, although it is simple to set up a music server on a private network, it is indeed difficult to access files exceeding hundreds of gigabytes on a public network.

Of course, the Symfonium app supports retrieval of Android local files, but the problem is that Android itself cannot store files exceeding hundreds of gigabytes. If you add mobile phone storage support, it will often cost a lot of money.

Currently there is a new way or future trend, cloud storage. Including google storage, baiduyun, aliyunpan (in China) can store a large number of files cheaply, and can be accessed quickly (the popularity of 5G). I believe that the future trend is to store media data in the cloud.

At present, there are already many excellent open source projects supporting the webdav protocol for cloud storage. But why webdav instead of mounting webdav as a file system? This is because root privileges are required to mount filesystems on Android. I’ve successfully played music stored in the cloud with a Symfonium app, on a rooted phone. It was successful.

Therefore, if the Symfonium app directly supports the webdav protocol, we can directly mount cloud files exceeding several terabytes to the mobile phone.

Finally, I know that you may be worried about the performance of mobile phone scanning. As far as I know, the performance of mobile phones is generally excessive. I have tried to install subsonic, airsonic, navidrome, ampache and other music services in the mobile phone, and they all work very well. good. It is recommended to set a switch to support scanning webdav files in the middle of the night.

Additional: There should be a lot of users from China who have a similar need to build a private music service, which is a common need. Because the current music software in China, such as 163 music, qq music, etc., does not have all music copyrights. To listen to a complete album, you need to use a lot of software, and each software charges a lot. Therefore, many people find albums by themselves and listen to them on their own devices.

This is a duplicate.

But I’ll ping @deluan as I know he have a way to put Navidrome in front of such servers. Maybe he have some doc or insight on how to achieve this easily.

I am a java programmer, I can only change the go language a little bit, otherwise I must have added webdav support to Navidrome. I want to know how @deluan thinks about this idea?

Currently Navidrome does not support other (remote) filesystems directly. What I’ve been doing is mounting my Google Drive with RClone on my server, and point Navidrome to that mount point. It works but could be better in terms of performace.

I’m doing some refactoring in Navidrome to enable adding plugins and one of the interfaces I’m planning to support is to add new storage fikesystems, so WEBDAV and other remote protocols (S3, GDrive…) could be supported directly in Navidrome using plugins.

But this won’t be ready any time soon, so the current solution is to mount with RClone.

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