Where is "instant mix"?

Commonly used feature in jellyfin and jellyfin android client is “instant mix”. Creates a playlist based on selected song. Anything similar in Symfonium?

Currently there’s not yet this feature as I’ve yet to decide and build the proper algo to handle this that works with all the different media providers.

What kind of similarities to you expect from such feature (In general, not based on whatever Jellyfin have implemented)

Maybe generation of a 25 song instant mix from similar artists or canonicalized genre tags ( https://raw.githubusercontent.com/beetbox/beets/master/beetsplug/lastgenre/genres-tree.yaml )? But that is assuming everyone has their music tagged with genres. So I guess similar artists (which I believe is pulled from lastfm?) might be the best option?

Also, would be nice if it ideally favored other artists more so than the artist of the song used to generate the instant mix.

Nearly no one use normalized genre and it does not work in all languages :frowning:

Similar artists from lastfm is also not really an option as lacking the Ids and no integration with it for now as no need.

Jellyfin code just take the genres and take 200 random songs from those genres, not really a good solution even if better than nothing.

The proper solution with the data I have is probably to be able to build a small AI model for the genre similarities but it’s a little out of my current scope and knowledge.

I am really interested in this capability. The dynamic playlist or guided playing is becoming one of my most missed use cases across all the apps I’m trying to connect to my Subsonic/Navidrome hosted instance.

In exploring the idea I came across Blissify that works with MPD that seems to be a great job of this, without pulling in external data (I believe). It does require data processing and metadata storage on the server. But it might be interesting to review as a concept. I’d love to see Navidrome implement the backend for this and then surface the playlists to clients via API.

There’s already personal mixes and next version have instant mix based on genres.

Song analysis can’t be made from the remote client it would require downloading all songs.

Only Plex expose more metadata and API but even then it’s not cross library

I totally get it - what is a Personal Mix by the way? I can read docs if there are any. …

It takes the input data and apply some smart things on it to ensure nice playlists with things you like and yet allowing discovering new things.

Depending on where you use the button it’s applied on the visible data.

I am happy with the results I get from instant mix. Thank you very much. I am happier with Symfonium each day!

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